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Triangle card rice cooker, triangle card rice cooker price


The rice cooker is indispensable in our lives. The rice cooker has many functions, not only cooking, but also soup. The brand of electric rice cooker is also a lot in the market, so today Xiaobian will introduce you to a rice cooker: triangle rice cooker, let's take a look at the triangle rice cooker and the price of the triangle rice cooker.

三角牌电饭煲好吗 三角牌电饭煲价格

How about a triangular rice cooker?

The triangular brand rice cooker is an old brand in China. It belongs to one of the products of Guangzhou Light Out Group Co., Ltd. In 1977, with the assistance of scientific research units such as the Physics Department of Sun Yat-sen University, this factory has successfully developed an internationally advanced temperature control. Magnetic steel produces a two-button permanent magnet temperature-controlled second-generation rice cooker. This rice cooker has a simplified process and high temperature control accuracy. The life of the magnetic steel is long, but the shape is not new enough.

At the end of 1978, the third-generation rice cooker with single-button permanent magnet temperature control was produced, and the process was further simplified. The iron outer raft was changed from a tea cup type to a waist drum type, and the clam shell changed from a double-key square to a single-key long trapezoid, and the nameplate and indicator light were placed. The buttons and sockets are all concentrated on the clamshell, and the shape is more beautiful.

In recent years, the factory has undergone technological reforms, and the quality of rice cookers has further improved. At present, the main technical indicators of the triangular brand rice cooker produced by this factory have reached and exceeded the national daily electrical appliance standard. For example, the normal withstand voltage test is carried out with a voltage of 1,600 volts for one minute. The product has no breakdown or internal burning, and the normal insulation The resistance is not less than 15 megohms, the tidal insulation resistance is not less than 3 megohms, the thermal efficiency is 77 to 83%, and the life of the electric heating tube and the indicator lamp is more than 2,000 hours. This product ranked first in the quality evaluation of the second light hall rice cooker in Guangdong Province in 1982, and was awarded the title of Guangdong Province Quality Product.

三角牌电饭煲好吗 三角牌电饭煲价格

Here are some comments from netizens:

Consumer A: Yes, the triangle cards are old brands and very durable. The one in my family was bought many years ago and is still in use today. I don't know if you have a non-stick coating. If it is, it will always be scraped off, but the beauty will also be. When it is cooked, it will stick to the bottom of the pot. The one in my house is a long time ago. A kind of aluminum, has been used for soups and the like, not for cooking.

Consumer B: The quality of the triangular rice cooker is still very good. My family's triangular rice cooker has been used for almost ten years, and it is still in use! There has been no problem.

Triangle rice cooker price

三角牌电饭煲好吗 三角牌电饭煲价格

Triangle brand genuine rice cooker hotel canteen commercial large capacity rice cooker 8L

Price: ¥125.00

Triangle mini rice cooker 6L l single student dormitory big rice cooker Zhanjiang authentic


三角牌电饭煲好吗 三角牌电饭煲价格

Genuine triangle commercial rice cooker canteen large capacity rice cooker steamed rice cooker 13L

Price: ¥195.00

三角牌电饭煲好吗 三角牌电饭煲价格

Triangle brand rice cooker authentic commercial large capacity canteen hotel large model 12L cooking rice cooker

Price: ¥220.00

Rice cooker genuine triangle 18L household canteen with non-stick rice cooker

Price: ¥350.00

Then, about the triangular rice cooker and the price of the triangular rice cooker, I will introduce it here. After reading the above article, I would like to know about the triangular rice cooker. I believe everyone knows it. I hope to help everyone to buy it.

Drum type Rice cooker



This type rice cooker is famous with drum type appearance, which is easy operation and easy clean.

There are two type of inner pot ,  one type called white pot which is without non-stick but cheaper price .another one called non-stick pot is polished with emery, Also there are two type non-stick with different price ,it`s depending on different demands to use.


And the inner pot cannot be burned on the stove, which will make the pot transfigured and bad contact with the heating plate. While cooking , the heating plate or the fuse is most likely to be burned for the bad contact of the inner pot and the heating plate, Besides, make sure to dry the pot before putting into the outer shell of the rice cooker ,or else the drops of water flowing on the heating plate, will make the heating plate rusted.



Many peoples are used drum type rice cooker for congee and soup, some of peoples are prefer to use this type rice cooker for steaming.

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